VPS-Win VPS-Win is a Verification und Protocolling System for the in-vivo-dosimetry in afterloading radiotherapy. It is used for monitoring the applied radiation dose at defined patient points (e.g. in bladder and rectum or in general near risk organs that can be supplied with semiconductor probes).

The probes can be calibrated to measure the applied doses in [Gy]. These values are compared during the measurement with the calculated doses of the therapy planning system or with predefined limits. Under- or overdoses are displayed and recorded, but the afterloader is not influenced.

treatment plan

VPS-Win records all relevant treatment- and patient data and allows extensive evaluations. Operation and quality control are simplified by exact user defined adaption to environment and demand of the radiotherapy department. Depending on the VPS-Win license one of the dosemeters AM6 or MULTIDOS from the manufacturer PTW is supported with one-fold and five-fold probes or with six single probes.

Patients: management of an unlimited number of patients, radiation plans and radiation protocols with and without in-vivo-dosimetry in a database.

Technical control: management of an unlimited number of technical equipment to be checked, probe sets and calibration data. Automatic check of the dosimeter and calibration of the probes.

Treatment units: management of an unlimited number of treatment units

Source data: management of sources with original and calculated actual values of source strength and reference dose rate for probe calibration

Applicators, tumors, targets, tumor classifications: management of an unlimited number of data sets

Access authorization: management of staff members with individual rights to access data and functions of VPSWin.

Archiving and backup of patient- and treatmentdata

Reports in accordance with DIN 6827-3:

  • treatment protocol
  • treatment proof
  • treatment list
  • technical control
  • presettings
  • calibration parameters

Extensive evaluation possibilities, e.g. sorting and selection for many criterions:

print patient list

VPS-Win is a 32-bit program and requires

  • PC with Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
  • 16 MB memory, 10 MB hard disk storage
  • mouse
  • color display with at least 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution
  • 3.5" disk drive for installation
  • printer for DIN A4 paper, supported by Windows

For in-vivo-dosimetry the following additional equipment is necessary:

  • dosimeter AM6 or MULTIDOS from PTW
  • probe sets (one-fold/five-fold)
  • reference source
  • reference detector
  • reference dosimeter
  • calibration phantom
  • calibration applicator