VPS-Server is an object oriented database in accordance with ODMG 2.0 standard, that grabs the data from VPS-Win, capsulates them and answers queries from object orientated clients.


VPS-Server can be installed in different ways:

  • on the same PC as VPS-Win
  • on a PC inside a TCP/IP-network, that has access to the VPS-Win data
  • If the PC has an unique IP-address in the Internet, the VPS-Eval clients can access VPS-Server also via Internet

VPS-Eval is a client for VPS-Server. It receives queries from the user about evaluation of the data (patients, treatments, tumors, staging etc.) and pass them on to VPS-Server, without knowing the structure of the DBF-data from VPS-Win. The queries are accepted by VPS-Server and the answers returned to VPS-Eval. The user only sees the result of his query in VPS-Eval.

This mechanism has the following advantages:

  • the original data from VPS-Win cannot be changed but are only read
  • they cannot be damaged
  • VPS-Win is not disturbed during a measurement by a simultaneous client-/server access
  • several clients VPS-Eval can access simultaneously
  • the network load during query is low
  • VPS-Server answers queries from permitted clients independent from their location

VPS-Eval can be installed in different ways:

  • on the same PC as VPS-Server
  • on a PC inside a TCP/IP-network, that sees the PC with the IP-address of VPS-Server
  • on a PC connected via modem and DFÜ-network with VPS-Server
  • on a PC with access to the internet. The IP-address of VPS-Server must be unique.

Access security
All data transfers through the network follow the TCP/IP-protocol. The data in both directions are encoded and decoded by the symmetrical Blowfish algorithm. The user logs in with name and password in VPS-Eval. These data are checked by VPS-Server that decides if the connection will be established. Additionally VPS-Server checks by a shared key, whether the request comes from a belonging VPS-Eval.

Data evaluation
The following data can be evaluated:

  • all protocols from VPS-Win, treatment protocol, daily protocol, patient list, treatment list, technical control, presettings, calibration parameters
  • data, that could only be exported by VPS-Win for import in other programs, can be on-line evaluated by VPS-Eval:

    Daten exportieren

  • further statistical analysis is work in progress

VPS-Server and VPS-Eval are 32-Bit programs and require

  • Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
  • 16 MB Memory, 10 MB harddisk storage
  • mouse
  • colour display with at least 256 colours and 800 x 600 resolution
  • 3.5" floppy drive for installation
  • DIN A4 printer supported by Windows
  • TCP/IP network
  • if access via internet is desired, the entrances for clients and server must be available